Good Mornings, French Lessons, and Virtual Coffee Shops

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another edition of my 5 Friday Favorites! Here are five things I loved this week…

Amy Schmittauer Landino’s Good Morning, Good Life

Good Morning, Good Life by Amy Schmittauer Landino

I am not a morning person, and I never have been — but I’ve always wanted to be. (Sleep is my favorite, but man, it’s nice when you get all your stuff done before noon!) Amy Schmittauer Landino’s book is full of tips and tricks to help you ease into the world of a successful morning routine. I really love that she includes interviews with other people about their morning routines — and not all of them involve being awake, exercising, getting ready, and eating breakfast before 6 AM! Since I don’t have a traditional nine-to-five job, and I work from home, it’s always a battle to set and follow routines. I love books like this one that give me ideas on how to make that happen more easily!

Good Morning, Good Life on Amazon
Good Morning, Good Life on Bookshop
Amy Schmittauer Landino on Instagram


Biden/Harris 2020 Sweatshirt

Biden/Harris Sweatshirt

I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November. If you are, too, you might also love this super comfy sweatshirt from Etsy — I told you I have a sweatshirt problem! — inspired by the beloved Barbie font of my ’80s childhood. It’s perfectly oversized and excellent for wearing while you cringe your way through this election season. (I think I have to credit Jessica Sturdy for influencing me on this one.) In the interest of supporting the campaign, I also own an official Biden/Harris T-shirt in navy, and I recommend it, too!

Biden/Harris Sweatshirt on Etsy
Biden/Harris T-Shirt in Navy



French Lessons with Duolingo

I took French in college, and I still read it pretty well, but my spoken language skills have always left something to be desired. (One of my professors used to tell me that I needed to stop being such a language perfectionist and focus on communicating. He was not wrong.) Since watching Emily in Paris on Netflix, I have been missing European vacations big time, and I was inspired to dig up my old Duolingo account and start practicing again. It’s fun to realize how much I still remember, and the game style of the app has always been motivating for me. It’s been a nice little addition to my day. I still have the free version on my iPad, though, and the ads are a little much sometimes. We’ll see how long I go before I crack and subscribe.

Duolingo Website
Duolingo for IOS
Duolingo for Android


Kitsch Shower Cap

Kitsch Shower Cap

Surviving quarantine life has been about appreciating the little things for me, and one of those things this week was a new shower cap. I’ve been trying to go more days between washes during the pandemic, and my old shower cap was getting a little grungy. I picked this one up on Amazon because the print reminded me of Blanche’s wallpaper from The Golden Girls. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was, too. Treat yo self, etc.

Kitsch Shower Cap on Amazon
Kitsch on Instagram


Calmed by Nature

Calmed by Nature

This might be my very favorite thing of the entire week. If you also miss going to coffee shops and co-working spaces, this YouTube channel is fantastic. It’s all about background ambiance, with gorgeous images of cozy living rooms, kitchens, coffee shops, and nature scenes. I’ve been playing the Thanksgiving kitchen scene and this rainy coffee shop with jazz music in the background while working and reading all week, and it’s just amped up my happiness every single time. And it’s free!

Calmed by Nature on YouTube
Calmed by Nature on Instagram


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