Sharing Secrets of the Hope Diamond on D.C. Mondays

Models wear Evalyn Walsh McLean's famous diamonds
Harry Winston

On May 2, I was honored to be a part of the “D.C. Mondays” series at the George Washington University Museum. My virtual presentation, “Evalyn Walsh McLean and the Hope Diamond,” focused on one of history’s most fascinating gems.

D.C. Mondays: Evalyn Walsh McLean and the Hope Diamond

The owners of the diamond are almost as fascinating as the stone itself. From Louis XIV to Evalyn McLean, I chatted all about the stories of the diamond’s journey from collection to collection—including the way that Pierre Cartier convinced McLean to finally take the diamond off his hands.


You can view the first several minutes of my presentation in the video above, as well as the question and answer section from the end of the talk.

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